Shanthi…Century Not Out
Duration [Tamil,  33 mins 13 secs]

A film on a striking example of community awareness efforts by Shanti, which led to the construction of 200 Ecosan toilets in a tsunami affected village in South India.
In one rare case of tsunami-affected Kameshwaram village, in Nagapattinam district, the experiment with toilets has been immensely successful due to one woman's initiative. In spite of being a tsunami victim, Shanti was not bogged down by her circumstances. Instead she chose to start a revolution of sorts. She constructed the first ever Ecosan toilet in her house. Thanks to her efforts, now there are about 200 Ecosan toilets in the village, the highest in the entire Nagapattinam district. The film showcases how the construction of Ecosan toilets has changed the lives of many villagers and how it has also strengthened the process of Shanti's empowerment.

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